Our Services


Bathroom Renovations

We design and deliver a wide range of ideas for your bathroom renovation that will not only suit your budget, but make a statement.

We take into consideration the practicality and manoeuvrability of your current bathroom layout and how the transition into your new bathroom will provide a more vibrant & luxurious environment. 

Kitchen Renovations

At Gerain Group we prioritize your schedule to ensure we deliver our services in a timely manner. Most importantly, we maintain transparency all throughout and coordinate directly with you.

This ensures there is no lack of communication or misunderstanding of your aesthetic preferences from our side, when it comes to finalizing your ideal design. 


Apartment Restoration

A small space with big potential.


We understand the constant need to continually provide a listing to future tenants that contains all the modern aspects of a brand new apartment and comfortable living.  

By modernizing an existing apartment to be more desirable, we can ensure constant and reoccurring cash flow from willing tenants.  

Shower Leak Repairs

Most shower leaks occur because of inconsistency of the grout or silicone in or around the shower as well as the shower screen. Many times it is an occurrence due to the failure of the water proofing membrane of the tiles.

Most clients do not want to remove the tiles and incur unnecessary charges for issues that can be rectified on the surface.

We provide cost effective shower leak repairs on the basis of applying a epoxy sealer grout and new silicone to ensure a durable method of eliminating most shower leaks.